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Bonton , in fact , is a revival of the good old concept of cooking in heavy base utensil manufactured to meet standard specifications for spun and pressed wares .( Well, I beg your pardon, sir, for flinging these technical words at you .But I do so in the hope that the technically - minded would thank me for this .) I must add that bonton's superiority over other kitchen wares is not confined to scientific designing , these' re hygenically superior , too. Didn't I mention earlier that these utensils have personality !


The bonton utensil has a heavy base. which adds decades to its long life .The base, gentlemen , is as heavy as it ought to be . But the slim side walls and low density reduce the overall weight . It's heavy where it needs to be heavy , at-Base. In fact , all bonton products are lighter up to 40% as compared to the weight of brass utensils of the same capacity. And,, gentleman, that's smartness, knowing exactly where to be heavy and where to be light. The bonton kitchenware's are designed to prevent burning of food. As a Wiseman said: Burnt food is against the ethics of a kitchen. Thats why Biryani or Pullav or Pudding or Gravey never taste as good as when cooked in a bonton; retaining their nutritive value and incomparable flavour.


The bonton base absorbs and transmits heat uniform ally. Unlike the usual convex base the bonton base is wide, flat and has scrolling underneath. Well, the Scrolling will do with little explanatation. We employ the latest technology to etch special groves on the surface of the base. These Scroll enlarge the surface area, reduce heat loss and balance the low heat absorption of heavy base, resulting in considerable low fuel consumption. As I said dear customers its fuel friendly. bonton utensils are manufactured to ISI standard equivalent to BS-1470-1972 Of British Standard Institution.


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